Ludwig The Severe

Ludwig the Severe started beer brewing in the
Royal Family

Duke Ludwig the Severe established the first brewery in Munich's Old Court. The beer produced met the needs of the Royal Family as well as those of the court's household.

No wonder that excellence in taste was a must-have.

Duke William IV

Duke William IV enacts the Bavarian
Purity Law

With public health in mind, Duke William IV issued a nutrition law for beer brewing in 1516. No ingredients other than malted barley, hops and water were allowed to be used. The Purity Law is the world's oldest

nutrition law, still in force to this day, to which all
German breweries are bound.


Duke Elector Maximilian

Ludwig the Severe started beer brewing in the
Royal Family

In order to regulate and balance the use of wheat for bread and beer, Maximilian established a wheat beer monopoly in 1577.

For more than 200 years wheat beer was produced in more than 40 breweries under a central purchasing and quality management system.

Konig Ludwig I

Crown Prince Ludwig marries Therese of

This date was the starting point for the world's biggest beer festival – the Munich Oktoberfest.

Later as King, Ludwig I issued a law covering the public use of Biergarten, by allowing everyone to buy a beer in the brewery's garden, and to
bring their own food with them for family picnics.


Konig Ludwig II

Striving for Beer Research

König Ludwig II founded the world renowned Brewing Academy at Weihenstephan University. Steadily striving to achieve better beer quality, energy saving and sustainability,

it has become an icon of brewing research and teaching.

HRH Prinz Luitpold
Von Bayern

HRH Prinz Luitpold von Bayern: The Tradition
is going on

HRH Prinz Luitpold von Bayern carries on this unique brewing tradition not only in Kaltenberg Castle but also internationally.

Working closely with Kaltenberg's international partners he has established strict brewing standards and brought the Bavarian way of beer
enjoyment to many countries